Batla House (2019) Hindi Movie Batla House (2019) IMDb ( Tamilrockers )

Batla House (2019) Hindi Movie Batla House (2019) IMDb Tamilrockers

Batla House In this movie, John Ibrahim has done a very good job and it is a full-fledged crime on the film and the young girls of the college are doing some wrong thing to do. Criminals have made this movie on top of them.

John Ibrahim is a police officer in this movie and he has given work to find Criminals is very much enjoying in this movie.


Pakistani and Hindustan are giving a very good reaction by looking at the trailer by watching the movie in public and by John Ibrahim Every movie is a super hit and everybody will stay.

This movie trailer I will give you in the description. You can go straight from there and watch it.

I just watched the trailer just a while ago and started this article so much. This movie will be very rude to you in this fair.

The trailer has overwhelming and on this nearly 15 million friends have come in about a day,

On YouTube it will give the Trailer a good collector in it. This is the release of this movie on the date of August 15, 2019, which is releasing this movie on August 15, 2019, and that day you definitely go and watch your theaters.

Batla House (2019) Hindi Movie

John Ibrahim shoots many students without permission in this movie, because of which they are able to listen to a lot of songs from their senior officers, even if they have completed their mission, they have to go to the heart of this movie.

You can see Hit and Sweet in this movie and John Ibrahim, and you can also download this movie Without Ani Risk This movie will be fun watching you and come.

This movie can see by visiting its theaters and telling your friends that you must also see.

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